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     Their house cleaners were fantastic. I've never known cleaning like it! Will definitely be using Carpet Cleaning Service East Finchley again.
J. Ford19/05/2020
     My grandparents needed weekly house cleaning. This cleaning service was the least expensive and the best, so I hired them. They have been cleaning twice a month for some time now. They are quite perfect. Polite, professional, and respectful, and of course, great cleaners.
Lisette Nessler20/09/2019
     If anyone is looking for a professional company for any kind of carpet cleaning then I can't recommend Carpet Cleaning Service East Finchley enough! Not only were they professional, but they did a fantastic job on my carpets and rugs too. Literally every stain was gone and they felt and smelled lovely afterwards. For an honest, local business try this company! They really are excellent and are passionate about what they do. A very easy to use service with fast results!
Nigel Burroughs 15/03/2016
     My cat decided to run headfirst into the mantelpiece vase and she was hurt as well as the vase crashed everywhere. It left tiny smithereens of porcelain and it was very dangerous for her as well as my little one. The cleaners at EastFinchleyCarpetCleaners were so affordable and took a load of pressure off my head. Thank you!

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